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All Covered provides a team-based approach to delivering the best in IT services and customer service.

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System Development


Integration Management

Access Control

System Development

Business growth through system development:  An efficient system plays a crucial role in business development, supporting processes, and optimizing client commercial potential while ensuring long-term cost efficiency.

Maintenance-friendly systems:  By designing and building the system with maintenance in mind from day one, we minimize yearly operational and modification costs.

Application Support:  After the system is developed and in production, Labcal Indonesia can efficiently manage it. We have extensive experience in managing various types of systems, websites, e-commerce solutions, and global integrations.

system development


Software integration synergies: Corporations often use incompatible systems, leading to time wasted on data validation and entry, detracting from customer service.

The solution is integrating systems: System integration facilitates communication between various systems and processes, promoting business development. It enhances communication speed and security in both internal and external processes. Flexible organizations prioritize cooperation and optimization, often through established software integration.

We specialize in system integration and service-oriented architecture: Our consultants have extensive experience in solving various-sized problems and implementing efficient integration solutions. We excel in a system architecture that supports business demands without hindering the company.

Integration Management

Integration and Application Support: Outsourcing IT systems is on the rise. Our new Maintenance & Support service offers better availability and access to top software experts. We're dedicated to building a cost-effective IT platform. Currently, our team manages integration solutions, websites, e-commerce, and content management for big corporations.

Access Control

Facility Management

Our systems go beyond card reading and door locking. We offer customized, fully integrated solutions to protect your staff, facilities, and assets.

ID Badging

Access Control Consultants offers secure photo ID systems with advanced features for businesses, education, and municipalities. Smart card technology and biometrics enhance security.


Access Control Consultants offers advanced biometric solutions for high-security needs, including fingerprint, hand, iris, or voice recognition. These systems seamlessly integrate with your central access control system.

Smart Cards

Access Control Consultants can deploy smart card technology to enhance security for physical facilities, computer systems, and networks. Smart cards with microprocessor chips offer robust identity solutions.

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